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Affordable ways to make your bedroom look expensive

Affordable ways to make your bedroom look expensive

Do you miss the luxurious bedroom from your last holiday every time you go to bed? Well, you don’t have to enjoy stylish and comfy bedrooms only when you travel. Check out these affordable and easy ways to make your bedroom look luxe and expensive.

Pillows, pillows, pillows

Pillows, pillows, pillows

Probably the easiest and most effective bedroom upgrade would be decorative pillows. Every interior designer will tell you to pay special attention to your bedroom pillows and the way you style them. If you want your bed to look like one of those expensive hotel ones, you should start from your sleeping pillows. Prop them up against your headboard and add layers with decorative pillows placed in height order. However, avoid over-styling your bed. Layered pillows should never take up more than a quarter of your bed. Additionally, you can use pillows to add colour to your space. Pull the accent colours from the room colour scheme, and your pillows will create a nice focal point.

You can buy some beautiful pillow cases from Zanui.

Pay attention to your windows

Kimi wallpaper by Scion in Slate/Ink

Store-bought window draperies and rods will make even the most luxurious spaces feel cheap. But, with only a little bit of money, you can find custom rods and draperies that will fit your bedroom perfectly. For an extra touch of luxury, you can install roller blackout shades that are super handy and provide you with the best sleeping experience. These will allow you to style your draperies perfectly and not touch them every time you go to sleep.

Bring in some art

Bring in some art

Even though people tend to display art mostly in the living room where everyone can see it, don’t neglect your bedroom either. You can put up different pieces in your bedroom, but a big piece placed over your headboard will have the biggest impact. However, if you have an art piece that always wakes up happy thoughts and inspiration in you, feel free to position it so you can see it from your bed. This will guarantee some amazing dreams.

Zanui has a gorgeous range of affordable wall art. Or buy some wallpaper and make your own!

Keep the clutter at bay

Keep the clutter at bay

There’s nothing attractive about clutter, so try to keep your bedroom clean and tidy. However, if you’re one of those people who just can’t live in a space that’s not decorated and personalized, don’t despair. There’s a thing called ‘organised clutter‘ that many homeowners and interior designers opt for these days. If you want to achieve organized clutter, first you must learn the difference between good and bad clutter. Piles of unopened mail, scraps of paper, dirty clothes and tangled electrical cords are examples of bad clutter. But, on the other hand, stacked books on your nightstand and trays filled with different objects can look great in your bedroom.

Upgrade your lighting

bedroom lamp

Another easy and relatively inexpensive way to freshen up your bedroom and give it a luxury feel is to upgrade your lighting. For instance, replace your old and shabby lampshades with some unique and interesting options. Even though this is a very small upgrade, it has a big impact. You can also be creative with your colour choice or go all out with an oversized lampshade option. For general lighting, choose a luxe chandelier that will brighten the room and even serve as a focal point. And don’t keep any lighting pieces that don’t work and only create clutter and collect dust. Either throw them away or fix them. Find an experienced electrician in Sydney who will fix all of your lighting problems as soon as they appear.

Add greenery

Jungle Fever - Rubber Plant Print

Plants, even though inexpensive and ordinary, always make every indoor space seem well thought-out and finished. You can opt for a large fern or a couple of small potted succulents, but no matter how big or small, they will have a huge effect on your bedroom (and you) and take you one step closer to luxury.

The devil’s in the details

Huntington Lace Wallpaper

Don’t think you have to change your whole dresser if you want to make your bedroom look luxe. Sometimes, replacing only hardware will make a world of difference. It’s quite inexpensive and it gives you plenty of room for personalization. Think copper, glass, crystal, gemstones or something like these funky knobs.

Don’t wait for your next holiday to experience bedroom luxury again. Upgrade your bedroom and every day will feel like a holiday.

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