Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever - Rubber Plant Print

Bring a jungle vibe into your home Deep greens, luscious accessories, tropical prints and a touch of the exotic help bring the jungle trend in interior decorating to life. Here we show you a few ways to bring the jungle into your home, without having to restyle your whole house. Table lamps for a touch […]

The benefits of inbuilt wardrobes and how to choose one

Cabinet clothes hanger

Choosing different wardrobes can be a little daunting and complicated task because many people end up with less storage space than they wanted or the wardrobe they chose is the wrong fit for the room. One uncomplicated solution is inbuilt wardrobes or ‘fitted wardrobes’. These are integrated closets that are custom designed for any space. […]

Redoing your bath and don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered

Vintage bathroom design tips

Tired of your old bathroom? Want to make it more modern, or it’s simply worn-out? Before any large change, you need to sit down with a paper and pen. Any type of home renovation is stressful, time and money-consuming, so you mustn’t go into all that unprepared. Here are several tips to make your life […]

Accessories and upgrades to improve the whole home experience

Accessories and upgrades to your home

When thinking about designing a home, most people have the ‘big stuff’ in mind such as deciding about the layout, choosing a colour palette, selecting and arranging the furniture. But, once you are done with the big stuff, you might find there’s something missing. Those are the little details, trinkets, and decorations that make a […]