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Interior design tricks to transform your home

Mixed style furniture

Every professional designer has tricks and follows rules that can transform any room into the most beautiful space in the world literally anyone could enjoy. Creating a picture-perfect room only seems easy as there are so many factors that need to be included. In this guest post, Emma shows how taking care of every little […]

Which wall should you choose for your feature wall?

Larksong Wallpaper in a Bedroom

Choose the wall that makes the maximum impact when you walk into the room. If you’re paying good money to create a feature wall with one of our stunning wallpaper designs, you want to make sure it grabs maximum attention. The don’ts when it comes to choosing your feature wall Here are some don’ts: Don’t […]

5 Beautiful Ideas For Bedroom Wallpaper

Marble Wallpaper - Tile effect

Designing a bedroom seems easy enough. After all, all you need to make a perfect resting room is to include a comfortable bed, nightstand and a closet, right? Close, but not close enough. In this guest post from Chloe Taylor, she takes us through the key elements of designing a bedroom. Your bedroom should be […]

Timber wallpaper trend continues in 2014

Queensland Weather Boards timber wallpaper

Rustic timber, driftwood, white-washed timber panels are some of the timber wallpaper design trends we saw emerging last year and they continue their strong run 2014. These timber-look wallpaper designs looks fantastic and are a great way to add charm to your room without having to spend a gazillion dollars renovating your house and they’re […]

Funky Wombat Textiles wallpaper now in stock

We have added a new collection of unique Australian wallpaper designs to our website. These Funky Wombat Textiles wallpapers are designed in Melbourne and made in Australia. Designed by Funky Wombat Textile’s very clever Tamara Schneider, this collection features a range of stunning designs, many inspired by Australian nature with minute attention to detail. Birds […]

Floral wallpaper – six ways to brighten your home

Avenue L - flower wallpaper

Floral wallpaper that’s big, bold, dramatic: florals have always been core to our Silk Interiors Collection. Many of our customers don’t initially consider florals but are blown away by the bold, contemporary floral designs on offer. This ain’t grandma’s house… Here are six ways to use bold floral wallpaper to create a feature wall in […]

Brick wallpaper – stone walled feature walls

Soft White Bricks wallpaper swatch

Stone walled for a feature wall idea? Here is a fabulous faux brick wall wallpaper Brick feature walls were EPIC in Australia back in the 1980s and early 90s. I loved their rustic appeal and in lounge rooms, it was a double swoon when they had an open fireplace, one of life’s delights (albeit a […]

Circle wallpaper in modern designs

Modern Circles

The use of circles in modern wallpaper design Circle wallpaper is very popular. I have noticed how the wallpaper designers loves to use the humble circle in wallpaper design, often with a stunning result. This is not a 2013 design trend as such as circles have long been used in wallpaper design. There’s something  rhythmically calming  about […]

The Silk Interiors Collection: Watch the video!

Avenue L - flower wallpaper

We’re thrilled to launch our new Silk Interiors Wallpaper Collection 2011. Check out this video to see some of the stunning designs we’ve included as part of our collection. We’d love to know what you think! These designs are in stock and available for immediate shipping.