Create an outstanding outdoor dining room

Outstanding outdoor dining experience

Alfresco dining has become an essential aspect of an enriching home experience. Designing a stunning outdoor dining room for you and your family will provide you with a perfect spot for your family meals and intimate get-togethers.

Design a functional layout

For the maximum level of comfort, it’s important that you design an outdoor space with a functional layout. A properly organised and arranged space with a great traffic flow will enable you to move around freely, which is quite important when you’re throwing a dinner party for your friends and family. You should pick the perfect location for your outdoor dining room. Whether it’s your deck, patio or garden, your outdoor space should be close to your cooking area and home for maximum convenience and functionality. 

Choose low-maintenance, quality elements and materials

Outdoor dining space

When designing and furnishing your outdoor dining space, it’s essential that you pick durable, low-maintenance materials and elements. You should choose a practical flooring solution that will be easy to clean and strong enough to support the furniture and kitchen elements. For a charming, cohesive look, you should go with a flooring solution similar to the indoor floors. If you have hardwood floors inside, decking will help you reflect that look. You can also go with concrete pavers if you want to capture the appeal of your kitchen tiles.
When it comes to your outdoor furniture, pick lightweight pieces that can be easily moved around and stored. In addition, the material you choose should be weather-resistant and durable.

Set up the dining area

Fabulous outdoor dining table layout

Depending on your needs and taste, your dining area can either include a large table for your entire family or just an intimate setting for two. You can also experiment with the layout and set up several smaller tables that can be easily rearranged into a single one. Going with a round dining table is perfect for promoting family togetherness. When it comes to seating, you can go with comfy chairs or casual benches. However, before setting up your dreamy outdoor space, you should consider whether you want to create a formal look or a casual ambience and then implement solutions that will help you achieve the desired effect. You can go with an elegant contemporary design of simple, clean lines or try to create an exotic vibe by designing a Mediterranean-inspired retreat.

Cosy it up with rugs

Lovely outdoor dining space

Your outdoor dining area should feature an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness, especially on chilly autumn days. A simple way to cosy up your outdoor dining room is to embellish it with beautiful outdoor rugs made of durable, mould-resistant fibres. Not only will this create a cosy look, but it will also create inviting, homey appeal that you’ll love. Stylish rugs will also help you elevate your outdoor décor and create a chic space. For a “wow” effect, you can even layer two rugs and accentuate their texture, filling your outdoor dining room with a sense of richness and depth.

Add an outdoor cooking area

electric barbecue meat and vegetables cooking

You should complement your dining area with an outdoor kitchen. This will provide you with a truly enriching alfresco dining experience. You can set up a grill area nearby or design a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Either way, it will enable you to communicate with your family and guests while preparing a delicious feast.

Complement it with a lounge zone

Outdoor deck area

If you have enough space, you should also design a lovely lounge area where you and your loved ones will be able to relax after a delicious meal. You can place comfy patio furniture around a modern fire pit and decorate it with soft blankets and cushions. This will create a truly enjoyable atmosphere where you can gather around the crackling fire and chat over some drinks. Your lounge area should feature the same style as your dining space for a balanced, cohesive look.

Light it perfectly

Outdoor lighting

Lighting has a crucial effect on the general atmosphere, so it’s important that you implement the right solutions that will illuminate your outdoor dining space. Charming string lights can be placed in trees and wrapped around a pergola. This will create a dreamy effect and fill your outdoor haven with a magical flair. You can also embellish your outdoor space with whimsical lanterns while using solar fixtures to line your garden path. Of course, don’t forget to properly illuminate your food preparation area. Such diverse lighting solutions will help you set the tone of intimacy and elegance while keeping your outdoor dining room comfortable and functional.

Designing an outdoor dining room will not only boost your home’s value and appeal, but it will also provide you and your family with a dreamy outdoor haven where you can spend quality time together.

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