Tips for remodelling your bathroom

Bathroom remodel
Bathroom remodelling is a good investment whether you plan to sell your current home or spend the rest of your life in it. Turning these functional rooms into sleek and modern interiors gives your household a new level of quality and increases the overall home value. Just like with any other remodel, you want to do this one right, so here are some useful tips on how to remodel your bathroom and get your bathroom renovation right.

Keep it bright

Remodel your bathroom and keep it bright People like to experiment with their interiors and bathrooms are no exception. There are so many stylistic choices available and you can turn your bathroom into a space worthy of a home design magazine, but just keep in mind the good ole golden rule – keeping it bright is never a mistake. No matter what sort of rock or mineral material you choose to adorn your bathroom walls with, whether it’s ceramic, marble or sandstone, make sure it is as bright as possible so you can achieve the appropriate airy and hygienic appearance of the bathroom.

Don’t avoid texture for your bathroom remodelling

However, this doesn’t mean you should strip your bathroom of any character or texture. In fact, many of these materials, like marble, can come with natural occurring stains and patterns. Texture is always good, no matter what, and it will give your bathroom a sense of depth without compromising the appearance of size.

Avoid wood

Bathroom remodel We have noticed a particular trend in Sydney where lumber has been added to the list of materials used to renovate bathrooms. This is probably an influence of minimalistic and oriental stylistic tendencies. Sleek wooden surfaces can look visually pleasing and they can add a level of warmth to your bathroom. Unfortunately, they are a bad choice if you are thinking about longevity. This wood is usually lacquered with strong water-resistant solutions, but constant humidity in your bathroom will have an effect on the wooden details over time, whether you like it or not. Dehumidifiers are great to help keep humidity under control in your bathroom. Check out the best dehumidifiers for your bathroom. And who is ready for the hustle of constant re-lacquering every now and then? If you insist on such details, reliable experts for bathroom renovations from Sydney will almost certainly recommend a much more sensible choice – purchasing a ceramic imitation of wood. This way, you can have the warm look you always wanted and have it last for as long as possible.

Freestanding furniture

If your bathroom is small, buy freestanding furniture if you want to decorate it with small touches. You’ll be able to move the furniture around according to your needs, and it is always good to keep it modular. Every now and then, you can change the arrangement just to freshen it up a bit, and the impact of this small “remodel” will be minimal. This last advantage of freestanding furniture is the reason why it also works in spacious bathrooms.

Wall hanging units are sensible

Remodelling your bathroom If you adorn your bathroom with wall hanging units, cleaning it will be easy. Floating bathroom basins, toilets, cabinets and mirrors are a good way to economise space and keep every nook and cranny of the bathroom accessible for vacuums and mops. These floating bathroom elements can also look so good.

Is wallpaper a good option?

If your bathroom is small or you don’t have the necessary finances to refurbish the walls, textured wallpapers can add a sense of style to your bathroom. Decades ago, slapping wallpapers onto the walls of your humid bathroom would be a renovation disaster waiting to peel off. However, these days, you can easily find water-resistant wallpaper which is made with this exact conundrum in mind. By remodelling your bathroom, you are investing in your future. Spend some extra money and choose high-quality materials so your next renovation could wait at least ten years, if not twenty. If you plan to sell your house, the money you put into your bathroom is usually paid back and then some. If you are thinking about a bathroom remodel and you have the money to do it, go for it!

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