Reinvent your bathroom in 5 easy steps

Bathroom vanity

Not many of us can boast with a perfect bathroom. However, no matter how small, awkward, or unusual your space, there are always things you can do it make it more functional and more beautiful. On the other hand, if you have a fabulous bathroom and still want to expand its potential, organizing tips listed here can help, too.

1. Organise the bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

With all that folding and ironing over and over, the linen closet is hands down the least favourite household area to organise for many people. Large individual pieces, a misshapen range of pieces that have no better place to be, and shelves that are only accessible by a ladder – this is the typical bathroom closet. However, you can easily change this arrangement. First, decide what gets to stay in the closet and what can be stored in the bathroom itself. Next, arrange everything so that the most used items are towards the front and centre. Use transparent plastic storage bins to make towels easier to find. You can even group them by size, colour, etc.

2. Use drawer trays

The scenario repeats itself morning after morning – you’re flying in and out of the bathroom, rummaging through a Dopp kit for your daily makeup or toiletries. Instead, you can arrange items by type and function in small trays, similar to those surgeons use for their instruments (imagine them fumbling around for a haemostat). Separate all the cosmetics by category, such as lip colours, shadows, blushes, etc. and store them in drawer-fitting trays. Your vanity has no drawers? Not an issue at all – just arrange the trays on your vanity top.

3. Upgrade to a wet room

Bathroom and bath

Taking advantage of an open plan shower, a recessed floor and beautiful decorative tiles, you can transform your plain shower setup into an ingenious and breathtaking centrepiece. A wet room shower is also incredibly useful in countries like Australia, where hot summers often prompt homeowners to take several refreshing cold showers in a single day. If plumbing jobs are on the far end of your DIY spectrum, consider contracting professional plumbers, such as these guys in charge of commercial plumbing in Burleigh Heads area. Small suburban companies like this are perfect for home improvement jobs, as these people are familiar with local plumbing and infrastructure.

4. Get rid of expired products

Bathroom accessories and a bathroom sink

Even the most notorious “purgers” tend to hold on to lotions and oils for too long. All body care items become less effective over time, so you should throw out anything that smells or looks funny. Many products even have a “period after opening” label, a number followed by the letter M, which indicates how many months the item keeps its properties after opening. As a rule of a thumb, eye makeup is good for six months, foundation a year, and lipsticks two years, save for preservative-free products, which normally degenerate more quickly.

5. Declutter the medicine cabinet

Your medicine cabinet should be a repository of things you use regularly, which means disposing of outdated medicines and removing other items to another location, those plastic storage bins, for example. By keeping all the daily necessities in your medicine cabinet, you’re the same time decluttering the countertop. When it comes to medicines, though, they are better kept in the kitchen, since bathroom moisture can damage them.

The benefits of an organised bathroom go beyond mere aesthetics. While a bathroom in which everything is neatly stored undoubtedly looks more attractive, the true beauty of an organised bathroom is the ease of use. As an additional bonus, organized spaces are easier to clean and maintain, so decluttering also goes to great length in making your bathroom more sanitary as well.


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