Traditional home decor: How to ace this forever popular look

Poppy Damask Wallpaper from the Sojourn Collection by Harlequin Wallpaper

Traditional interior design refers to a type of design that is not connected to one specific period or direction. It celebrates the past while mixing it with the present, so it makes any space look more sophisticated and elegant. All in all, it is a timeless style perfect for everybody who values classic art, symmetric shapes, and historic designs. If this is something you’d love in your own home, here are a few suggestions that should help you transform your home.

Furniture and materials

As mentioned, traditional design is about mixing history with luxury. So, for starters, get rid of everything that is too simple, undefined, or lacks any character. Instead, opt for period pieces that you like, and design the rest of the room around them while highlighting the architectural elements that stand out, like fixtures, for example. Complete the style with a few more items that belong to other periods in order to create that harmonious mixture. Just make sure to choose items that complement each other in some way, as you don’t want anything to look out of place.

Elysian Wallpaper
Elysian Wallpaper

Moreover, when it comes to furniture pieces, choose those that are made of wood. The edges should be smooth and soft, so they can easily blend into the whole picture. Wood, in general, is a material that can make any home look more sophisticated, especially if your furniture comes with some carved details as well. Just make sure to avoid anything made of laminate and lacquer, since it simply does not suit the style.

Colours and fabrics

Aurelia Wallpaper from the Leonida Wallpapers Collection
Aurelia Wallpaper

The traditional style allows a lot of freedom when it comes to colours. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting a bit. However, most designers would suggest colours and wallpapers that are in mellow tones, so not too dark or too light. Neutral greys and beiges, as well as light yellows, blues, and greens, are always a good choice. There shouldn’t be too much white or black either, as they can overpower the mix you’re trying to create.

When talking about fabrics, they shouldn’t be too textured nor too shiny. You can opt for florals, geometrics, and smaller patterns, but nothing that would draw too much attention. In other words, fabrics are meant to complement the style in a more subtle way, not draw the attention away from it.


Luxe Wallpaper
Luxe Wallpaper

Just like with furniture, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to accessories. For example, a crystal chandelier is a must, as it sets the tone for traditional elegance no matter where you put it. Also, many vintage-inspired models can now be found in smaller sizes, which is perfect for smaller homes. You can also use lamps and wall sconces, just make sure the shades are white or ivory.

Moreover, you can use accessories to emphasise symmetry, which is important for this style. For example, you can place lamps next to both sides of your sofa, or you can put two armchairs across either other with a coffee table in between. A few quality antique rugs would also be ideal for this style, and they would make your home look more comfortable. Just don’t forget to choose those with a bit subtler patterns.

Additionally, crown moulding is very common in traditional homes, since it can serve to make a statement. It also adds to the formal aspect of the home, and it helps blend different parts together.

Window treatments

Fabienne Plain Wallpaper
Fabienne Wallpaper

Don’t forget about your window treatments and coverings, since they offer you a nice opportunity to emphasise this style. The treatments should be elegant, with embroidered borders. Furthermore, the coverings should represent classical traditional design, so you can choose neutral toned drapes, dramatic Austrian shades, or decadent velvet curtains. Whatever you choose, don’t leave your windows bare.


Leaf Wallpaper
Leaf wallpaper

When it comes to floors, you can’t go wrong with hardwood in your living room and bedroom. If you already have quality wood flooring, you can simply refinish it to make it look more visually pleasing. In the bathroom, you can use white marble or black and white tiles, and you can install a bronze or copper faucet for some extra shine.

By decorating your home in the traditional style, you can rest assured that it will never become outdated. So, pay attention to the window treatments, and put some effort into picking your accessories. Choose the right furniture and colours, and don’t forget to emphasise the style through your window treatments. This way, your traditional home is bound to look better than ever before.

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